With a particular focus on live performance and breaking poetry out of traditional confines of the library and lecture hall; sometimes verging into hip-hop, cabaret, and even spoken word opera.




...by far both the most daring and the most magnetic [act] of the night ... refreshingly open and spontaneous, and his ability to fluidly shape his intensity and manner on stage makes him an arresting presence. His poetry ranged from personal soul searching to tales of interesting characters, all told with a confidence and relish in the ability of sounds, shapes and rhythms to convey his intent as much as the words themselves.

—The Journal of Music

Reason enough to attend the session ... he’s got flow like Biggie.

—University Observer


Naked and Hungry

EP, 2009


A collaborative release with Karl Parkinson, Cah-44 and Mike Igoe.

From the Museum of the Present.
Shout out to the pioneers—Karl Parkinson, CAH–44, Andrej Kapor, Mike Igoe. Naked & Hungry is their 2009 group spoken word CD release. It is a real taste of the punky pre–history of Dublin Spoken word. Maybe not the first DIY spoken word CD, but easily the most ambitious of those early days. The first wave at its zenith. This first printing was of I believe 100 cds, & in the 8 intervening years I bet most gone wayward or ended up in a dump. Making the remaining ones quite precious I think. Could be time for a re–release?

—Dave Lordan