Curation / Performance

The Poetry Brothel

The Poetry Brothel is a nightclub where jazz musicians, burlesque dancers, body painters, magicians and tarot card readers mingle and perform, but poetry holds centre stage as the headline act. The poets are also available (for a fee) and will read you a poem, one–to–one.

Founded by Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski of The New York Poetry Society, the Poetry Brothel is now a worldwide phenomenon with branches in major cities across the world; from Buenos Aires to Barcelona! Photos below from events at Bloomsday, K-Fest, Bram Stoker Festival and more, courtesy of Turlach O Broin, David Hegarty, Myles O'Reilly (all rights reserved respectively). Curated by Andrej Kapor, John M. Farrell and Rachel Lally.