Graphics for print, screen and space, with a focus on digital production for the arts and culture sector.





brand / web / print / app


Print ephemera, website and promotional materials for Camile Thai Kitchen, a unique & modern restaurant business. Providing eat–in & take–away to Dublin city, Camile is an environmentally and health–aware alternative. The identity was taken over from previous designer Aoife Walsh and developed over time to fit with a new direction for the brand.


The Master Musicians of Joujouka

graphics / web


Official website for the “4,000 year old rock & roll band”, the Master Musicians of Joujouka from the Rif mountains in Morocco. Known for their association with the beat generation and the Rolling Stones, this unique Sufi traditional trance band host the world’s most exclusive music festival in their home village every year.



brand / web / photography


Identity, website, photography and business cards for Producers; a collaborative space for creative designers with a focus on fashion and up-cycling of vintage items. The concept of time was central to the company ethos, appreciating high–quality production of items with a vintage feel. The client wanted an art deco look & feel to reflect the importance and value of time, process and craft involved in the production of the work.


Glamour Puss

print / packaging


Poster and packaging design for a documentary film by Irish filmmaker John Walters. Glamour Puss examines the relationship between pedigree cats and their owners in a fun and whimsical manner. The glam–mag aesthetic allowed for an audacious use of Comic Sans, the ultimate design crime.


Pink Milk

photography / promo / video / print


A love story set in a dystopian future, the play explores the influence that technology has on our relationships in a simultaneously fun and eerie manner.

A woman living alone on the top floor of a tower block dreams of a dystopian city. A man stays up every night playing games about gods with strangers. Both are drawn to one another by the black–hole pull of each other’s isolation. A washed up goddess takes the role of a late night TV host in an apocalyptic future. Broadcast straight into the minds of her bloodless watchers, she embodies entertainment.